Aadhi Sahasraa Foundation is working towards the livelihood enhancement of the underprivileged people in India. The key focus area is to Increase access to education, Skill development & training, Promote health and well-being, Support community development, and Conserve the environment. 


We help to create self-reliable slum and rural communities in India


Model Schools


“Creating Model Govt. Schools in terms of having all the infrastructure facilities, Quality Education, Quality Teachers, and latest technology models thereby to teach the children in 360′ learning view”



Self Sustainable communities


“Developing self slum self-sustainable communities in rural and urban slums with the active participation of the Civic People, Govt., Corporates, and NGOs. It will be a Holistic development approach model” 




Greener Environment


“Protecting the environment by creating awareness about pollution. Also, promoting volunteering for the tree plantation by making a greener environment.  Proper solid waste management ensures a cleaner environment”